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My Strategy

We need to bring the major disability organizations together. When I say disability organizations, I do not mean disability charities but organizations. The difference between disability organizations and disability charities is, disability charities take money for people with disabilities and say the money is going for educational programs, medical research, or make the lives of people with disabilities better. We are finding less and less disability charities that do what they plan to do with their money.

Disability Organizations usually do not take money except for membership. Disability Organizations try advocate for our community. These organizations try to change legislation, public opinion, and how society treats people with disabilities. The Disability Organizations that must come together are; American Disabled For Attendant Programs Today (ADAPT), Independent Living Centers (ILC), National Organization of Disability (NOD), National Disability Party (NDP), The National Alliance OF The disABLED (NAOTD), World Association of Persons with Disabilities (WAPD), The National Council on Disability (NCD), Disability Grapevine, Justice for All, American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), World Institute on Disability (WID), and Handicaps United Means Accountability for all Nations (H.U.M.A.N.).

HUMAN, World Institute on Disability (WID), Independent Living Center (ILC) and World Association of Persons with Disabilities (WAPD) are international Disability Organizations. These organizations have a much wider scope than a National Organization. These organizations have the national agenda and plus the international agenda for people with disabilities. These organizations must work together with the rest of the national organizations to prove to the world we can work together.

American Disabled For Attendant Programs Today (ADAPT) is not just a disability organization it is our only national activists organization. An activist organization uses protests and civil disobedience to change opinion. ADAPT is a very strong organization. ADAPT must never stop what they are doing. ADAPT is the backbone of the disability movement. ADAPT actions would be more effective if they had the full support of these other organizations. Not for approval of ADAPT's action but tell the other organizations so they can tell members what actions ADAPT is doing so the other organizations can support ADAPT's actions.

Independent Living Center (ILC) has the power of the federal monies. With this money, they have set up a national network. ILC network has envy of all the other organizations. With federal money comes responsibility to advocate for the nation.

The National Organizations of Disability (NOD) is the morality organization of the disability movement. NOD has brought voluntary programs to the disability community with dignity.

The National Council on Disability (NCD) is the disability movement part of the US government. NCD advocates for people with disabilities within the US government. NCD is currently coordinating a multi-year study on the implementation and enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act and other civil rights laws.

National Disability Party (NDP) is the only Federal Election Commission approved political party for disability issues. NDP's biggest problem is trying to get a competitive war chest without being looking like a disability charity.

The National Alliance OF The disABLED (NAOTD) has only people with disabilities as Board of Director. This shows the world that the disability does not assistants from outside our community.

American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) AAPD has the contacts within Washington DC. AAPD knows the power brokers of force that runs this country.

Justice For All and the Disability Grapevine are the disability press. The press responsibility is to communicate the disability news to the disability community.

Do not blame the leaders of these organizations for not joining the disability community together. Most of these organizations are nonprofit organizations. The nonprofit organization must keep everyone happy or risk losing supporters. Nonprofit organization's regulations must be rewritten.

As a Community, we have these organizations to advocate for us. Individually these are great organizations. Put all these organizations together we could we could stop prejudice against people with disabilities, stop disability charities that gives the disability movement a bad name, and educate people about all the different groups.

All of these organizations support our national agenda. The national agenda is:

A. Stop warehousing people in nursing homes.

B. Stop assistant suicide.

C. Stop cloning

D. Stop Peter Singer

E. Make buildings accessible

F. Support the ADA

G. Stop prejudice against people with disabilities.

This is my strategy to make the disability movement. It seems easy but when you add in the multilevel problems of our community. This is going to be greatest barrier to remove.

If all these disability organizations support this national agenda, this would be the first step to joining in unity.

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